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My Fashion Assistant - Closet

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Showcased in INSTYLE MAGAZINE, GLAMOUR & US WEEKLY...Critics Agree...My Fashion Assistant is a MUST HAVE!My Fashion Assistant is a closet organizer, style manager and shopping companion created by industry experts.
Import your clothes, mix, match, layer and accessorize to create magazine-style outfits. Plan what to wear and track what you have worn with the interactive visual-calendar. Window shop online, compare and share it all. Get the most out of your closet - it's fun, it's easy, it's time!
* CLOSET: add images of your own clothes* FITTING ROOM WISH LIST: add images of clothes you want* BACKGROUND REMOVAL TOOLS: clip your clothes on the fly for easy layering* MIX & MATCH: slide through tops, bottoms & shoes* LAYER & ACCESSORIZE: move, size, resize & layer on an open free-flow canvas* VISUAL CALENDAR: plan what to wear or track what you have worn* WEATHER: real-time weather and your local weekly forecast* WINDOW SHOP ONLINE: visit your favorite stores, import and compare* INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS: a place for all of your personal inspirations including displays, trends, store windows, articles and more* SEARCH: search your wardrobe for keywords, category, color, size or season* SHARE: share items, outfits & inspirations with friends by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter* SYNC & BACKUP: protect your images and data by safely backing up or restoring with mfaCloud* HELP: Informational tips included to help you get the most out of My Fashion Assistant* E-MAIL SUPPORT: for help, contact* FEEDBACK: to tell us what you want, contact
My Fashion Assistant has dozens of features to manage your wardrobe and get the most out of what you own.
MFA is the closet organizer, style manager and shopping companion created to help you design and oversee your wardrobe so you can look positively wonderful every day. It is our goal to help you to get the most out of what you already have and assist in helping you find and blend in new pieces.
The basic idea is very simple, mix, match, layer and accessorize what you own, find and compare potential new piece to what you have in your closet, visually plan and keep track of outfits, share with your friends and save all of your inspirational fashion ideas in one convenient place to develop and maintain your own personal style for years to come.
And everyone knows, a little time on the front-end can save you a lot of time on the back-end!
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